The Class to See (Iron Bladesmen 2016)

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The Class to See (Iron Bladesmen 2016)

Post by Iron Bladesmen on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:02 pm

The far table in the cafeteria, at St. Driver community college. Six students sat eating breakfast each one something different. Vice an average guy with a lot of time on his hands, but never really seemed to do much more than dick around on his laptop, was eating his usual breakfast burrito and energy shot. Gredge a smaller guy, and a fuse to match, don’t get me wrong dude a nice guy, but he needs to chill; was munching on something he had gotten from the vending machine, I can’t blame him the foods better from there than it is the shit they try to cook in the kitchen. I can guess from here you already know I’m going to list of the others including myself right? If you don’t care skip the rest of this paragraph. Ex and Oh a cute couple and Ex happened to have been my friend for the longest of times, enjoyed each other covered in whipped cream …. Ok that didn't happen… I think, the had fruits Oh’s choice that day. Next we got ourself the baddest more sly motherfucker I’ve ever met in my life Kim, cool guy but got the name of a whore I slept with a while back, he was stomaching the meal 1 choice from the cafeteria's menu, hahaha dumb ass got the runs from it. Then there's me your run of the mill, down to earth future king of purgatory. I had Biscuits & Gravy from the gas station I passed leaving from my apartment. I also had coffee, what? The future king of purgatory thing, pffft that's not important, don’t you want to know what was in my coffee?  No, really are you sure it's pretty exciting. Fine, but I’ll have you know i don’t put shit in my coffee, cus I ain’t no Bitch. Right the king thing, well you’ll have to wait, O’ before I forget my name Nape.

Kim: “You guys are never going to guess who I fucked last night!”
Oh: “Please no I’m eating”
Ex: “come on dude show some class”
Kim: “O’ I did all night long”
Gredge: “I’m surprised you mom let you do that.”
Kim: “Go to Hell, my mothers worked her ass of to get me where I am today”
Vice: “You should send her an apology card.” (not looking up from his computer)
Nape: “Hahaha, Vice you know he can’t count.”
All except Nape: “...”
Nape: “I fucked up again didn’t I”
Kim: “yup”
Ex: “Could be worse though, you were at least correct on him not knowing how to count.”
Nape: “Thanks”
Kim: “Yeah, thanks…”
Ex: “Kimmy boy you know what I'll humor you, who’d you sleep with?”
Kim: “Prof. Dello, in the Chem lab, her car and there dorm room couch”
Gredge: “Dude WTF do you realize the shit that's happened on that couch.”
Vice: “You should probably have a doctor look at that shrimp you call a dick” (pouring some coffee out of my thermos into the his cup he had in his laptop case)
Oh: “Say Nape you think you could help me out for a sec in Demon 201 today after the test?”
Nape: “It’s possible, but odd are it’ll be fine so no worries”
Oh: “Thanks, Summoning spells for anything over Lv.2 Demons are kinda complex”
Ex: “I told you to join me in Spirits 101 this year.”
Oh: “I know, but I’m not aligned with any of the Zodiac remember. So even if I wanted to I couldn’t.”
Ex: “I kinda forgot that you lost that ability when Nape Resurrected you from our accident”
Gredge: “You can always switch over to Basic combat with me, although it might be a little rough all things considered”
Nape: “... Yo, Vice we should probably get going to English, other wise Prof. Appela going ham for us being late a seventh time.”
Vice: “Okay, later guys”
Everyone: “See yeah”

English class the third floor of the Campus building, closest room to the stairs. About 23 students not including Vice And I, so 25 total. Vice sat in the front of the room where I sat off to the side of the Prof., I got special treatment, I was pretty sure he was gay, or he didn’t trust me. I don’t know why all I did was blow his car with a forbidden spell, I mean accidents happen. I mean come on I didn’t hit the guy who had the apple on his head, BTW I wasn't playing willem tell, that asswhole didn’t help with drawing the summoning circle, so I was getting back at him. Some people to note in this class would be Dremel he’s Russian, Uto she's a whore… literally 500 Scales an hour, not worth it according to Kim, and finally Creek my highschool crush/enemy. Well that should do it for this class back to the action.

Prof. Appela: “Okay everyone turn in your essays, let me guess Nape you lost it.”
Nape: “Nope I just didn’t do it, sorry I guess. How's the beard, I mean wife?”
Prof. Appela: “She’s fine, and for the last time quite calling my house, Ginny (his wife) is actually starting to believe you.”
Nape: “... yes that's bad because it’s not true?”
Prof. Appela: “It’s not a question, I’m strait.”
Vice: “Do you have something against homosexuals Prof.?”
Prof. Appela: “No i don’t I’ll even have you know some of my closest friends are gay.”
Uto: “Guys he’ll come out of the closet when he’s ready. Leave him alone.”
Prof. Appela: “ Thank you Uto, wait what?”
Creek: “EVERYONE KNOCK IT OFF, let's just turn in our essays.”
Dremel: “...(I’ll be honest I have no idea what the hell he was ever saying so, I’ll put what I wanted to think he said) Creek let us take some body shots”
Nape: “Good point Drems”
Vice: “You have no idea what he said do you”
Prof. Appela: “...(don't know either and was hoping I knew)”
Dremel: “...Come on Creek strip and let us get drink on your porcelain skin ”
Uto: “... (something in russian)”
Dremel: “...(Something else in russian)
Vice: “I sent my essay to you in an email” (removing a flash drive from his laptop)

Class ended abruptly and without warning due to a barrier breach. The police went to work on that and all the students went to the gymnasium to wait for it to be over. In other words the people from before class got to hang out again.

Ex: “Nape can you open your third eye outside and project whats going on out there?”
Nape: sounds like a hassle
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