AFTER THAT (Iron Bladesmen 2015)

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AFTER THAT (Iron Bladesmen 2015)

Post by Iron Bladesmen on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:00 pm

Day 1 Month 1 Year 1992
Hello my name is Wedge, I was told to keep a log during my stay here at the Mythic Boarding School. Tomorrow's my first day and I’m kind of nervous about which rank of mythic I would be. I wonder what dorm I’ll be in and who else will be in it. I guess I won’t know until tomorrow, I might as well get some sleep.

Day 2 Month 1 Year 1992
Ok, this is some big news I went and took my ranking exam’s (I was so nervous). They took my heart rate which was normal (normal for me, no pulse), then they tested my athletic skill (nearly failed, but I passed with my above average fighting levels), but then something weird happened while they were checking my Magic type and levels. Loud sirens began to make a horrible shill whine. The doctors, nurses, counselors, and the teachers scrambled around the room yelling a bunch of nonsense, well it might not have been nonsense, but I couldn't understand it.
            One of the doctors pulled this weird lever that turned off the machines right after a long sheet of paper was printed off. This old hag ask me to follow which of course I did so. We went along a long passage way, till we came to a door (it looked old, it a made out of a yellowish stone, with a some kind of scripture written on it), She opened it and told me to enter, again I did so. She shut to door with me inside, I looked at the door (no knob), “Damn what the fuck is this?” I said in a rather impolite. I sat down waiting for the lady to come back and open the door, but then suddenly a grey light flashed and it everything went dark.

Day 5 Month 1 Year 1992
I awoke in a different room (my dorm room), I got up and looked around a bit and saw a note listing my classes and …. my… my rank….. I’m a Alpha Summoner, that’s the highest rank!? I guess that is all for now, “Day 5 Month 1 Year 1992, three days have gone by and I slept through them all.”

Day 6 Month 1 Year 1992
            The actual classes start tomorrow, and that bitch who locked me in that room the other day had just dropped off my schedule.  Let’s see what I got, 6:00 - 9:00 hand to hand Combat [Year 3 class], 9:01 - 10:00 Literature [First year class], 10:01 - 13:00 [Lunch], 13:01-13:30 Free, 13:31 - 15:00 Enchanting [Year 4 class], and then Summoning III [Top percent class] from 15:01 - 16:10. “Well thats all fine and dandy, but its my first year here what the hell is with all the advanced classes. Damn it that means I have to do more work then I’m worth. There had better be something good to stare at during class.”, I laugh to myself.
            I looked around the room for a little while to see what I’m going to be staying in for the next 8 years, again not much to look at; just a simple bedroom, bathroom, and main area. I see my bags in the corner, so I decide to unpack putting everything into their respective area’s shirts in the closet and pant and ect. in the drawers.
            After getting everything put away, I plopped down onto my bed (The bed was a double and it has a nice pattern on it black and gold plaid) . It felt like home cool and quiet. Home…. can I even call that place my home anymore… Memories is all that place will ever be to me anymore, but the past is the past and i’ll get over it. Then again they say living alone for eight years will get to a man, and I have been alone since I was 10. I guess that’s a story for another time.
            I look to my right there a lamp and to my left a alarm clock. “it says 12:45, the beginning of the afternoon and I’m lying in bed, talking to myself.”, I say in an angry tone. Suddenly I hear a knock at my door. I yell to the outside, “who is it?”
            Three voices chime back to me, “you next door neighbors of course. (They began giggling) We came by to say hello, that is what neighbors do ain’t it.” I could tell by the voices response they were girls… I had my hand on the doorknob, but a thought came to my head girls, Neighbors, next door…. the dorms are co-ed?
            The door slowly slides open revealing three not unattractive women. Closely looking them over I stammer, “the dorms are co-ed or did I fall down the rabbit hole.”
            One girl grinned ear to ear (guessing she the easy one, “got to keep that in mind”), the second looked  a little offended (as if I had any idea what I did wrong.), and the final one laughed and explained,” as if you didn’t know. That one of the main reasons guy try an get into this school (it was this school or get a job… man I hope I made the right choice.) I bet you a just a pig like the rest of them.”
            The first girl cut her off mid-sentence,” Come on Mary, I think he really didn’t know (thank you voice of reason). Just look at him he’s just standing there looking as if he had just gotten sucker punched. Besides we haven’t even introduced ourselves.”
            Mary looks at me and lets out a sigh,” Fine then I’ll introduce us, but if you get any funny ideas, i’ll have you buried in the school yard before you can say….”
            Again the other girl cuts her off, “What she is trying to say is hello, Her name is Mary and this is Erika, O’ right my name is Lily. Would you be so kind in telling us your name given we have told you ours.”
            “Right sorry, my name is Wedge, I’m sorry to have offended you, that is if I have.”, I replay solemnly. Extending my hand out “it’s nice to meet you all.”, I say in hopes of everything that has been said behind us.
            Erika mumbles, “we have met before”. Nobody noticing what she has said (that is, except for me wondering where I have met here before, no luck).
            Lily grabs my hand and shakes it vigorously. Mary then nods and says huffily, “I suppose it is for you meeting three attractive women and all (I don’t like where this is going). Where we only get to meet you, I think you're the only one to think it’s nice to meet the others (Fuck you too).”
            Lily looks to Mary with a sour look and then back to me,” right then we were actually wondering if you would like to get something to eat.” She then looks surprised and then yells,” We didn’t mean like a date or something.” She blushes really hard and then turns to Mary.” what do I do now?”
            I look at the group and ponder (it is lunch time, but how do I reply to this, think Wedge think damn it wait how am I supposed to get lunch I have no money. That’s it I have no money). I clear my throat in order to get their attention,” I wish I could and I did understand what you meant, but I’m broke so I really can’t.”
            Mary looks past me to my room and laughs,” I doubt you're broke  you have no roommates which means you're either rich or your ranking is really high, and you really don’t act like you have a high rank (what does she mean, I don’t look like my rankings high) . Besides the school offer a variety of food for free breakfast, lunch, and supper”
“Well you learn something new every day don’t yeah.”, I say with a small grin.
Erika smiles and cheerfully says,” then let’s get something to eat.” Erika took my hand and dragged me over to the cafeteria. At our heels Mary and Lily followed (I don’t know how, but this is going to bite me on my ass and I know it.).
We finished our lunches, it was quiet while we eat. It seemed kind of awkward, at first; but i’m used to it. It was silent as we walked back to the dorms. The group halted in front of my door (do I ask them if they want to come in? I had better not or Mary might get all huffy again.). “that was fun we should do it again sometime.”, I said while reaching for my doorknob.
“REALLY!? You're not even going to invite us in! (O’ no I’m going to get it now)”, To my surprise it was Mary who had yelled it.
I scratch my chin and say,” if you really want to I guess you can”.
Lily giggles,” no thank you we need to get ready for class tomorrow. Till then Goodbye” the pack of three left into the room across from mine (hmm I wonder what they're going to do… ok no more of that thought for now).
I head back into my bedroom and sit at the edge of my bed. Staring at the Clock I wonder how many classes I’ll have with them. I hope not to many with Many she’s kind of a pain in the ass, but at least she's cute when she doesn't talk. “15:54, I got a big day in the morning I might as well set the Alarm.” I tell myself. I set the alarm for 4:50 that should be plenty of time. I guess I should rest my eyes for a little I did take in what I’m guessing to be some of the schools better sights. Goodnight mandatory journal.

Day 7 month 1 year 1992
            I woke up from the damn alarm, with its ear piercing screech. Class starts in 70 minutes, I took a shower and brushed my teeth. My stomach growled so that men't it was time for breakfast, so I headed for the door until I noticed that I hadn’t put on my clothes (I wonder if the cafeteria has a no shirt, no shoes, no service policy. Might as well not get on my neighbors nerves).
I open my closet to look what was in there, “given I have hand to hand fighting today I might as well set out some clothes for then.” , I say to myself in order to remember what I have to do today. In my closet there wasn’t much mostly school uniforms…. I hate unification in school. I just want to throw on whatever I grab. A T-shirt, yes I knew I had packed something in this damn closet.
After fighting with a necktie for a couple of minutes I hear a knock at the door. I go to open it up, until I hear a voice behind the door. It sounded offensively familiar as if I had just heard it the other day (Come on, please not Mary, O' god please not Mary). I open the door to see Erika Standing alone in just a towel (Please come loose), her hair wet, and her eye’s moist from sleep deprivation,She must have just woken up. She looks at me and says, “the others used up all the hot water can I use your shower? (Don’t get carried away, think before you talk, say something damn it)”
“Sure the bathroom’s back there, I’m going to grab some breakfast. Do you want me to bring you anything back?”, I asked
Walking past me she say’s over her shoulder, “Some toast and jelly would be nice".
I left my room with a showering girl inside (what the hell is wrong with me, I missed the chance of a life time, fuck it I’m sure there will be other chances, I hope). I made my way to the cafeteria passed the other two girl on my way, they were drinking coffee and talking among themselves (did they use up all the hot water? or did she mean they used up all the hot water. OK just stop torturing yourself with those thoughts).
I had just gotten my breakfast and what Erika had asked me to get, when I had saw what time it was,” 5:20, Damn time sure flies”, I curse under my breath. I sprint back to my dorm room (5:30, Please still be there, O’ please. Wait what if it’s a trap Mary set up, no I passed her on my way here.). I open the door to see Erika sitting at the coffee table half asleep swaying side to side fighting her sleepiness. I got a good look at her, long black hair pulled to the side, light pale pink lips, and emerald green eyes fighting to stay open. She lazily looks towards me and says ,” Goo morning, I'm hungry?”.
“I wasn’t sure what kind of jelly you liked so I got a couple of them. I hope you don’t mind. “, I said holding my breath
She pats the open spot next to her, “have a seat, class doesn’t start for 28 minutes. You don’t want me to eat alone do you!?”
“Gah! No I certainly wouldn’t want that (your blowing it!)”, I stretch my arms back and let out a sigh. I take the seat across from her (should I ask her about what she said the other day? No its probably better that I not ask). Scratching my chin I ask her,” do you normally go to your neighbor’s house in a towel and asking if you can use there shower.” I laugh a little and wait for her to respond
“not normally, but living with two other people mean’s I’m going to have to make changes in my life, and not just me everyone’s going to have to.” She grumbles, struggling to evenly coat the toast with jelly.
I laugh, “I don’t doubt it, we all have to be an well-oiled machine (Oil I wonder hehe, bad brain stop with the wonderful mental images). We’re all going to have to get along. If not chaos will lunge for us, and we don’t want that now do we?”
She smiles and looks up at the ceiling, “Chaos isn’t that bad you know, without it we wouldn’t know serenity. I assume your right we all have to Co-Exist, I mean how much have can you have by yourself (I never really thought about it before It was kind of boring). That’s why I’m glad to have made so many new Friends (I guess they just met the other day then as well.)” She looks at the clock and lets out a sigh, “well class will be starting soon, I had better eat this and getting ready, see you later Wedge.”
“You got it”, I say waving goodbye. I shut my door and throw away the trash.  I leave my room locking it.
Class was fine turns out Mary’s in my hand to hand fighting class, and we even got partnered up …. (I’m going to die in there) and Lily’s in my Enchanting class (she nearly talked my ear off), It’s a shame I didn’t have any classes with Erika though that would have been nice (she’s just so … I don’t know not insane). A made a new friend, he has my Literature and has the same free period I have.
Dudes names Quilz, he’s a little out of it and a real horn dog (just when he sees a girl he like he starts a howling away both literally a figuratively, I should introduce him to Mary.)  We hung out behind the school in the gym, I practiced lunges with my long sword and he laid back on a mat and talked for a bit (to me and himself). Then I had to hurry to class. That was about it for now,till then goodbye.
Day 8 Month 1 Year 1992
            The day started out the same as the last Erika came over and did what she does, but today I decided to bring back my breakfast and another for her (I mostly hope that I would get something in return.). I returned and she was still in the shower, so I set out the two meals 2 cups of coffee, 4 pancakes, 6 strips of bacon, and a moderate size bowl of rice. I went to my room and made the bed something I didn’t do yesterday.
            After a moment I heard the shower turn of and the sound of a hair dryer start. She must have finished, I look at the time 5:18 about 16 minute shower (I wonder what time it the other two get up to take showers, being of the female verity must be a pain in the ass.). I go out and take my seat at the coffee table and wait. After a moment Erika walks out still brushing her hair. “You’re not going to make me eat alone are you?” I ask, but was unable to stop myself from laughing.
            She smiles at move the hair out of here face. “And what if I do, huh so what you going to do (meow the cat shows her claws). You know you didn’t have to this, all I really needed was a donut”, She says while taking a seat across from me.
            “It’s not a problem, really. Its fun hanging out together (Wait, please don’t take that the wrong way).” I say without thinking
            She puts her hands in front of her face lets out a big smile,” Just like old time isn’t it? You do remember who I am right (What? When did we meet.)? I guess not and I don’t blame you, I’m not the most attractive person and it was a long time ago (Is she kidding, has she looked in a mirror recently?)” she move her hand away from her face and put them around her coffee.
            I look at her and see her longing expression, I let out a sigh, “I wish I could say I do I hate it when I can’t remember something. I really am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you feelings or anything.” She looks at me with the same shy smile she had previously, but somehow it seemed different (maybe it was just my imagination, but she seemed to look even more beautiful than before.) I let out a little laugh, “you know moments like this are ones I bet I’ll always carry with me.”
            Erika blushed and set down her coffee to cover face, “you really don’t have to worry about it, I’m used to being forgotten. “ (that’s not really something to be proud of) “I know how odd it sounds, but you adjusts to you surroundings.” She picks back up her coffee and takes a drink.
            I give her a look of disappointment, “why do you say these things you know you’re not just putting yourself down, you’re putting down everyone who cares for you very much. (I should probably stop now) I should know I care about you, or can’t you tell (damn I knew I should have stopped.)” I quickly grab my coffee and hold it to my lips (SHIT!! Got to find a way out now)
            “Your too much”, Erika says letting out a laugh “you know not much has changed about you; your still the outgoing, silver tonged boy I met a few years back”, she puts her coffee down and picks up the bowl of rice. “you still know how to make a girl happy, you know cooking for me and all (I bought it… the  empty bag is right next to her with the recite stapled to the bag).”
            “Umm I didn’t cook it I ran to the store and purchased it, sorry”, I explained pathetically.
            She looks at the bag and grins, “ The thought is what counts and your honesty is rather blunt. You should lead a girl on if your trying to sleep with her”
            “WHAT!! Do you think I was, O’ no I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to lead you on or anything like that.”, I reach out my hand grabbing her franticly trying to explain.
            She looks at my hand grasping hers, “Really that means you must a real nice guy or something right.” There’s a look of mischief in her eyes, “so you wouldn’t mind if I did something like this.” She pulls me of my seat and wraps her arms around my head forcing my face into her bosom (Damn now what? Umm I got to get free, wait why did she do this am I missing something. I know something must have happened when I first met her, something that I’m not remembering, but what is it.) “See I told you that you where after me. Just look at yourself”, she says mocking me for my ignorance.
            I push myself free, at the same time accidently pushing her of the couch and onto the ground. “I’m so sorry, but I need air to breath and being asphyxiated isn’t really going to help that now is it?” I say trying to catch my breath (you know it did feel good to be that close I just hope not a word is said about what happed here).
            The sound of a door opening caught my ears, but before I could turn my head Erika grabbed me and pulled me on top of her, “Wedge you animal you, this is all yours there’s no reason to fight me on this”. (I have a bad feeling about this, the sound of the door opening and everything Erika just said. Well I might as well go down the hero right…. Wait how the hell am I supposed to do that.)
            The rooms aura seemed to change as I feel to sets of eyes burning into the back of my head, “Erika Let me ….
Mary’s voice echo’s, “WEDGE YOU DIRTY PIG GET OF HER. (yep I’m going to die) I force my way off her and scratch the back of my head.
“Well you see, Umm I’m so sorry for being a stupid man”, I say bowing my head. (I hate this I didn’t anything wrong and yet here I am, all because I let a pretty girl use my shower, or was the mistake giving her something to eat. I guess I’ll never know). “I don’t know what came over me it was just a stupid spurt of the moment thing. It will never happen again, I promise.”
            Lily looks at me with a big grin and let of a little laugh, “It had better not, or it had better be with me or else (….wait, what?), that way at least I can give you the proper punishment you deserve (…. Fuck my luck). I can promise you this much I’ll enjoy every moment of it.” She lets out a big laugh and twirls around a couple time’s then sticks out her tough and slurs, “and I bet you would like it too. (these girls are going to be the death of me in one way or the other).
            With a look of disgust Mary turn to Lily and yells at the top of her lungs, “ YOU FUCKING IDIOT, stop encouraging him (yeah because that’s exactly what she’s doing right now.” The bell ring signaling the start of first period. “You know Wedge where going to let you off with a warning for now, but if I ever catch you doing that to Erika or any other girl I make it so the world will never have to put up with another one of you (I can feel the pain already, so let’s not give her that chance.)
            Disregarding her previous comment I let out a big grin, “you do know if we don’t hurry we’ll be late for hand to hand combat class; and you and I both know what people will be assuming considering we live across the hall from one another, and are sparring partners. (Ok just got to keep steering the conversation away from what just happened).”
            Mary look at the clock a starts running to class,” your right, but I’m going to kick your ass today Wedge”
            Lily helps up Erika a lets out a sigh, “What a monster a person become when there overcome with jealousy. You two have fun I got to get to class and I suggest you do the same.” Lily leaves gracefully waving her hand side to side.
            Erika looks at me as if she would be my undoing, “ what am I going to do with you, you know you didn’t have to take the blame. I did everything and it was ….
            “It was what your fault for being in my dorm room and pulling me on top of you. Well it wasn’t if I had wanted to I could have instantly stopped you without hesitation. It’s because I know you know something I don’t and I intend to find out what it is (Well now I’m just trying to keep her from beating herself up and know she thinks I know she’s hiding something I’m digging myself deeper.), but I don’t have to tell you that know do I. But please don’t get upset time reveals all, and there’s nothing for you to be ashamed of. I know better than to be the judge of others.”
            She look’s at the clock and lets out a huff, “I can take care of myself and I shouldn’t know anything you don’t, now goodbye.” She left in a hurry by to looks of it considering she left her towel on my couch.
            The day carried on as expected Mary tried to kill me, but fell flat on her ass and then Lily tried to summon an Lv3 Echo Demon, I nearly went deaf all because I showed her a new summoning stance. This is just my luck getting caught up in everything and then suffering the consequences on my own. Then the worst of it happened after school, I needed to go shopping and that’s when I ran into her… the son of a bitch nearly burned me to death (I fucking hate it when Fire mages challenge me to a fight they always burn my clothes, which mean I’d have to go shopping again, those bastards)
Day 12 month 1 year 1992
            The day here are beginning to become routine , and yet I still haven’t gotten use to them.  The days seems to go by fast and there’s nothing to talk about, well except for today and what a day it was, you know how it starts I get up and unlock my door to allow Erika the ability to get in.  I started making coffee and grabbing the two mugs from the shelf.  
            Normal yet the day seemed of as if something was about to create a big change in my life. I heard a knock at the door and Erika’s voice chime, “Wedge you up?”
            I stretch my arms back and let out a yawn,” yeah, the doors unlocked come on in” (I wonder what I should have for breakfast?) The door opens and Erika walks in carrying a large hamper of bathroom item that looked to be  a little much for my taste. “Yo! Erika what is all this stuff?”
            She sets the large bundle she had been carrying onto my coffee table. She lets out a breath of exasperation, “Wedge your bathroom is so boring it needed a girl touch (the hell I’m the only who lives here why the HELL would my bathroom need a girls touch?), you do see what I mean right. That black and gold pattern is so dreary, I knew you would agree with me so help me out won’t you. (as if I really had a choice).
            “If either of us knew it be you”, I say in a koi manner almost as if I had meant to start something. “but far be it from me to choose how to decorate MY bathroom”
            Erika looks up at me and makes a sad puppy dog face. The damn thing won’t have worked if it hadn’t been for the silk lace pajama she had worn (come to think of it I think this is the first time I seen her wearing them, she must have picked them up when she bought the stuff for the bathroom. This is just my luck.) I let out a sigh and put my hand behind my head and stick out my tongue, “fine but I don’t have to like it.”
            She jumps up waving her fist’s in a victorious manner, “It doesn’t matter what you say now, because when I’m done you will have the most adorable bathroom in the school. She have a look at the bathroom curtains” she say raising it in front of my face (O’ great pink with little kittens that’s just what I wanted to see.)
            Erika picks up the pile of humiliation and heads off to the bathroom. After about 10 minutes of her flopping around hanging stuff up and throwing things away she leaves out the door and back to her room. “The hell isn’t she going to take a shower?” I say hoping to get a response from something in the kitchen.
            Suddenly Erika runs back in followed by Mary & Lily one of which was carrying a lance, honestly they ran in before I had chance to get a good look. “Ok now what the hell are you up to?” I enter the bathroom in hope of an answer.
            “O’ my god Wedge your bathroom is just so cute (fuck, why Erika why damn you)”, Lily said with a twinkle in her eyes while gawking at the newly decorated bathroom. “I just adore it; the colors, the patterns, and most of all what types of hair products you use (….Hair products?)”, Lily points to the rack that was installed on the showers wall. (what is all this stuff and where the hell did my masculinity go, damn you Erika and your tempting naughty parts. I bet if you didn’t have them I wouldn’t be in this mess.)  
            Mary lets out a laugh, “boy did I have you wrong, you weren’t using Erika for her body but for her fashion sense. “ Mary sways side to side all well laughing and pointing. “Well I guess I have nothing to worry about after all (I hate you so much Mary), seeing as your bathroom looks like this”
            I let out a sigh and head to my bedroom. My footsteps drowned out the girls voices, as they look relentlessly around what I was once able to call my bathroom. (Fine then their going to have to pay for this) I started laughing and that grey eerie light appeared around me again, “Girls let have a little chat just the four of us” It all went dark, my connection with the world was severed by the grey light, but why.
            I couldn’t see or hear anything, but my thoughts seemed to lash out. My past and all that went along with it; the deaths of everyone I loved, the pain of the screams echoing in my head, and my death….
Day 13 Month 1 Year 1992
            I was alone in that damn room again, no knob, no light, and no hope. I knew better than to struggle, because of I did that flash would return and I would end up somewhere else again. Alone I sat hearing nothing but my own thoughts and my hands tapping against the wall. (it happened again, but why now?)
            “Wedge!” the voice’s I can only hear in my head, because the bodies they had once belonged to are no more. The screams and shouts roar through my mind as if murder had been planted into my being. (Why did I do it, why couldn’t I stop myself, and why did it have to be them!) “What are you doing what’s happening to you, Wedge …. WEDGE!!! ………” (I couldn’t stop myself before and it happened all over again, but something feels different this time)
            The sounds of footstep echoed from the other side of the door. Voices I couldn’t understand whispered from the other side of the door, “this …. N… he’s ….. ……. ….. …. End.. …… …..” the sound of a swords being swung rattled through the door.
            “He needs to live ….. ….. We …. Guild …. W…. e….. D…. I….. E…..” a different voice seemed to bellow is a hush. A pool of blood drips from under the door and a shadow opens the door. “Time to get going you’re going to need your sleep for classes tomorrow.” He looks at me with a grin the seemed trustworthy, but yet deceitful. “You’re not expecting me to carry you are ya?”
            I look around and let out a sigh, “no need I can walk, could you tell me where I am by any chance.” I look at him my eyes dark and hollow, knowing that he wouldn’t tell me. (this guy’s going to get in my way, … Erika did I really have to kill you… why couldn’t I stop myself, why am I a monster, Why…) I let out a sigh as I began to walk to the door, “if you’re not going to tell me where we are could you tell me if… if…. If I killed those girls who were with me?” I choked my words seemed a sharp as a dagger to my own thought.
He lets out a little grin, “you can’t fight the past, what happened is already done.”  He looks around still walking forward. Me still following, the whole time wondering. Could I have stopped myself and if I could would I? The man turning to me with a little bit of a grin still on his face, “good to see you again future king of kings.
A bright glow of light blinds me as the man opens a door. I couldn’t tell until I regained my sight that I had been brought back to my room. It was the same as when I had left soaked in blood, none of which had been my own. My friends died, the one person I loved as well.

Day 13 month 1 year 1992
An entire month has gone by since the incident. The janitors have cleaned the blood and the room across the hall has already been assigned to a new student that starts the 17th. For the prince of the kings I certainly don’t act like that, killing the people he cares about.  
Then again with this blood lust I really had no choice in the matter. Sometimes I can stop myself, like a good prince should, then again it was never let out of the details of my stay. No one seems to really know about it, I’m just here till I graduate then I can finaly be crowned king.
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